How to use ZUBOBRANĀ®

It is easy to use and enables the removal of particles from interdental spaces after every meal, thus reducing the possibility of plaque build-up. It slides gently between the teeth in vestibule-oral direction, without exerting force and pushing into the gums without injuring the gingivae and periodontal tissue.

The functional parts of ZUBOBRANĀ® are made of the best quality stainless steel with blunt edges; they are exceptionally flexible and strong being a part of the original matrices used in teeth restoration.

The residue of food particles and dental plaque which adhere to the functional parts, serve educational purpose and act as a warning about the importance of interdental space cleaning.

The treatment of periodontal disease is impossible without perfect oral hygiene habits, which, include cleaning interdental spaces after even the smallest meal.

Dental flossing is still not widely accepted because its application requires special technique, patience and time. Studies have shown that flossing is usually practiced in the evening, but very seldom during the daytime leaving interdental spaces dirty for longer periods.